Negative Effects of Ill-Conceived Ingredient Bans

As a hydroquinone user, I was disheartened to learn that HQ is banned in some countries in the EU. Kojic acid is not appropriate for all skin types, particularly those who are already on a retinoid. Alpha-arbutin is very slow working and what worse way to discriminate someone than to steal their time away? This is extremely negative for people’s dermatological health, since triple combination (Kligman’s formula) is one of the best products for dealing with melasma and post-acne hyperpigmentation especially for people whose skin is olive or darker.

Therefore banning its use has a disproportionate impact on underrepresented minorities. Moreover, it is an anti-aging mainstay for all skintypes due to solar-related age spotting. Melasma and aging are real health problems, since skin is your largest organ. This negatively impacts women, who have more to lose from age discrimination.

Moreover, according to dermatologists, dyspigmentation is one of the primary signs of aging among POC and those with olive skin, even more so than wrinkling.

The anti-HQ push comes from the popularity of formulas that combine HQ with mercury and which do not carry a warning to not use for more than 8 weeks continuously. But many of these formulas became so popular because the law forces them to use ingredients that are unlisted – therefore not informing people of the risks. If there were no blanket ban on HQ, then companies can list their ingredients accurately and users can make informed decisions.

Current routine 7/19/2015

I’ve been lurking on r/skincareaddiction and learned about niacinamide, the secret ingredient in StriVectin which unfortunately is still sold around here to unsuspecting dowagers.

Morning Routine

– Salicylic acid wash (it’s summer)

– Random Korean style toners that my friend had too much of

(this is a placeholder for when my Vitamin C serum arrives)

– Caffeine roller and LiftAffine, V line serums, as needed. But since losing weight I’ve been needing this a lot less.

– CeraVe PM lotion with Niacinamide 4%

– Azaderm 20% Azelaic Acid

– SPF30 Mineral Sunscreen, any generic brand that I can grab on sale

– Body sunscreen for my body

Evening Routine

– Salicylic acid wash

– Salicylic acid exfoliating pad

– Careprost

– Random toners or a NuPore Sheet Mask depending on the day

– CeraVe lotion with Niacinamide, or 10% Lactic Acid lotion depending

– Tretinoin 0.05 on face, arms and chest

– Mitchell’s Precious gel (afaik, 2% hydroquinone)

– A little SkinLite on trouble spots


– Diet support every other day, Green Tea Diet pill

– Nootropic stack (piracetam, bacopa, L-theanine, lecithin)

– Multi vitamin

– “Water pill” as needed >_<

– A low cal and low carb diet

This works.

– I did not get darker than my winter color this summer. The general public gets darker. I stay the same hue.

– A younger, attractive man actually hit on me yesterday and I feel like a cougar now.

Glucosamine makes you taller

I read some reports that glucosamine is supposed to make you taller, so being considered a runt in my family I started to take it. Note, I understand that lots of people are shorter than me but this pill was worth a shot anyway. I was insecure about my height because my dad put stuff on high shelves. Moreover, I started listening to metal, the music of insecure people. I took 3000 mg of glucosamine sulfate daily and was able to get taller by around 1.5 cm over the course of 6 months.

Right now I can walk down the street and see that I’m much closer to the average height than before. I find that making manlet jokes about myself now falls flat. Moreover, I can reach the top bar on public busses. This makes life much more convenient because I can take public transit more easily. I noticed that I could see a little better at concerts as well. My quality of life has certainly improved since I started this megadose of glucosamine.

People can make manlet jokes all they like, but not being able to reach the top bar of transportation sucks hardcore because all the short people are now bunched in the middle section while other people can spread out along the sides of the bus or train and make use of space during rush hour. It’s not about wanting to be “6ft” or a “baller”. Being 6ft also has major disadvantages regarding fitting into certain busses and trains.

BTW, vegans out there, glucosamine is no longer made of shellfish shells because so many people are allergic to it.

Grey Rabbit 1st Birthday

Grey Rabbit Reviews turns 1 in 2 days. That’s how long I’ve been seriously delving into beauty. This is a milestone. Like wow. Never before have I maintained a blog for this long before it devolved into political pontification. I don’t think I aired a single political opinion on this blog. This is pretty awesome and it shows that I’m becoming a real adult.

Right now there are fireworks outside, foreshadowing the coming of July 4th. It’s very nice. I hope that enterprising people break into the school, or the HUD towers, again to do it on the rooftops, which is always a fine sight. Around this time last year I also started to play a round of 3.5 with neighbors and we are about to finish the module so I feel this is a milestone as well. There are a lot of interesting things going on in the world of gaming.

I’m finally free of dark elbows, armpits and the back of my neck, cystic acne as well as an incipient wrinkle in my forehead. I’d like to thank the tretinoin sellers of Ebay for this. Without it, you’re up a creek. No matter how much hydroquinone you slather on, your underarm will still be dark. I’m finally happy to say that for the first time in my life, my skin is decent and not riddled with failure. Without any professional help.

Current lipstick: Nicka K Absolute in Lavender Tint
Current hair color: LHC Sandstone Blonde

Current music is something I rediscovered via a fellow musician. I haven’t heard this in forever. Another fine album having its 20th anniversary, like many other great albums, Destroy Erase Improve by Meshuggah, Storm of the Light’s Bane by Dissection, Slaughter of the Soul by ATG, etc… Needless to say, the ’90s were a very nice period for metal.

It’s Minas Morgul by Summoning. It’s very triumphant sounding and very appropriate for this moment.

Parasol information for the summer

I got sunburned today which sucks, I was too lazy to carry a sunscreen to reapply, or a parasol and went from rehearsal to a picnic without thinking. I’ve been on a retinoid for 6 months already so it’s probably not that. If you are buying or have bought a typical parasol this summer, like the ones found in East Asia, remember that the silver-lined ones around SPF30 (from the packaging) and the black-lined ones are SPF50+.

The black ones have higher UVA ratings as well. I have a heavy black-lined one that sucks to carry in my bag, but may become necessary as we get closer to solstice.

Care and Feeding of Fake Eyelashes

After some deliberation I decided to get fake eyelashes which are easier than mascara at times. I see tons of people wearing them around here. No more oily mascara remover. I like to use ‘Duo’ glue, which is available in both light and dark for various complexions.

Types and Application 

First, if you have hooded eyes, try to get some eyelid tape, a product from Southeast Asia, to lift your crease in order to anchor the eyelash more strongly. You can order a pack of 100 on Ebay from overseas for just a few dollars. It’s suitable for all ethnicities particularly women of color, and is often made with Micropore tape, an all-American product. If you wear eyelid tape overnight for a few months, it could help to lift your crease line permanently to prevent sagging.

As for types of fake lashes, I haven’t used the mini groups before but I’ve used regular band, Remy, and ‘wispies’. Regular band usually have a solid band that the lashes are attached to. Some famous brands are Ardell and ELF. I’ve found that regular band lashes are the sturdiest, and plus the dark band makes it look like you’re wearing eyeliner. They’re also the best for those of us with hooded eyes because they create a lifted effect.

Remy lashes are made of the same premium hair that is found in wigs and weaves, that is manufactured in India and Malaysia. I find that these are also very sturdy and create a realistic look. However, I find that the human hair vs artificial hair debate is a bit overrated and artificial is just as good as real, when it comes to lashes. In fact I find that artificial hair is better, for me, because head hair on your lashes feels weird (to me).

Wispies have an invisible band and are made with artificial fiber. I have a pack of Moon Princess wispies from Ebay and they last about 10 wears, which is less than the other types of lashes. The reason they don’t live very long is because the band is super thin like a super skinny fiber optic fiber and sometimes lashes slide off from it. You have to go really easy on cleaning them.

About mink: I do not support the use of non-food animal hides, even if it is a pest. Mink and other fur-bearing carnivores are inedible due to uric acid (pee flavor) and musk. Moreover, I feel there may be a disease (prion, rabies) risk from putting fur too close to mucous membranes. I think invasive mink ought to be managed through neutering rather than hunting. Formulas similar to human birth control, sprinkled in feed, have been successfully used to manage free ranging rodents.

How To Clean Lashes 

Now what you have to do every night is try to pick the glue off your lashes, then put them back in their case. When you’ve gone through all the lashes for the week, or two weeks, depending on how many you have in your rotation, take a cotton swab and daub waterproof mascara remover on the bands. I use the biphasic waterproof mascara remover from Target, which is superior to mineral oil in that it does not leave lashes oily. I think it has both ionic and nonionic surfactants. Really filthy ones might need to be dunked in the cleanser. Soak them for a little while and then pick the rest of the glue off, using a lash comb to comb bits of it off if they have gotten in the strands.

When they feel clean, dry them off with paper towel or a tea towel and then wash them in a dedicated Tupperware with warm water and a little simple facial cleanser or tearless baby shampoo. Dry them off with the other side of the self-same paper towel or tea towel, give them a final rinse in plain warm water and then, when they are almost fully dry, wipe off lash cases and put them back in their cases.