Water pill and life after herb weirdness

So I started popping Diane-35 a few days ago, taking my blood pressure every day and making sure to pop piracetam on the regular. I got saw palmetto and maca out of my life and noticed an immediate difference, even though it’s supposed to build up in your system for a while. I started deflating, bloat went away and my pimples went down.

Especially the real painful ones that come with dry skin, which is messed up (pimples and dry skin). What’s weird is that these kinds of meds are supposed to raise your blood pressure, but it actually lowered mine. I didn’t get nausea or anything either. I took an herbal, uva ursi water pill just in case.

It has come to my attention that a lot of herbal pills have stronger effects than pharmaceutical ones. One of the most notorious ones is pueraria mirifica, which people take to increase the size of their chest / butt and, if you’re trans, to become more feminine. But saw palmetto is another one to watch out for. The thing is, these things cost way less than pharmaceutical pills and are easier to get, which is a major reason people use them.

Diane 35 is over the counter in most countries (for example Thailand) but it’s considered controlled in the US. This is bizarre to me and smacks of undue industry influence. I bet more people would take this stuff and have fewer issues if it were deregulated. They could sell you a finger prick test for genetic thrombophilias so that you don’t get a blood clot. For example Factor V Leiden, which is common among people of Anglo Saxon descent.


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