Journey into supplements and peels

I am going further on my journey toward clear skin. Having used Retin A and a variety of other products, I have ordered the following products which I have not used before in my stack. Right now I am still chicken shit about it. However, I had only known a few people who used Retin A and hydroquinone before, and nobody who used Latisse, yet these products are staples in my diet today.

– Diane 35 and Marvelon pills (I don’t know any Americans who use them, and I will be taking them with a blood pressure med because I’m almost 35 years old. I’ve never taken anything like this before, it’s not for sex, yes I know the stigma. Wish me luck.)

– Spironolactone

– Lactic Acid Peel Series (40 / 50 / 60), then glycolic and TCA series

– Making my own CEF serums and stuff like that, since I roll in it in the morning like a chinchilla rolls in dust

– Possibly adding Dermarolling in the future


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