Water pill and life after herb weirdness

So I started popping Diane-35 a few days ago, taking my blood pressure every day and making sure to pop piracetam on the regular. I got saw palmetto and maca out of my life and noticed an immediate difference, even though it’s supposed to build up in your system for a while. I started deflating, bloat went away and my pimples went down.

Especially the real painful ones that come with dry skin, which is messed up (pimples and dry skin). What’s weird is that these kinds of meds are supposed to raise your blood pressure, but it actually lowered mine. I didn’t get nausea or anything either. I took an herbal, uva ursi water pill just in case.

It has come to my attention that a lot of herbal pills have stronger effects than pharmaceutical ones. One of the most notorious ones is pueraria mirifica, which people take to increase the size of their chest / butt and, if you’re trans, to become more feminine. But saw palmetto is another one to watch out for. The thing is, these things cost way less than pharmaceutical pills and are easier to get, which is a major reason people use them.

Diane 35 is over the counter in most countries (for example Thailand) but it’s considered controlled in the US. This is bizarre to me and smacks of undue industry influence. I bet more people would take this stuff and have fewer issues if it were deregulated. They could sell you a finger prick test for genetic thrombophilias so that you don’t get a blood clot. For example Factor V Leiden, which is common among people of Anglo Saxon descent.

Journey into supplements and peels

I am going further on my journey toward clear skin. Having used Retin A and a variety of other products, I have ordered the following products which I have not used before in my stack. Right now I am still chicken shit about it. However, I had only known a few people who used Retin A and hydroquinone before, and nobody who used Latisse, yet these products are staples in my diet today.

– Diane 35 and Marvelon pills (I don’t know any Americans who use them, and I will be taking them with a blood pressure med because I’m almost 35 years old. I’ve never taken anything like this before, it’s not for sex, yes I know the stigma. Wish me luck.)

– Spironolactone

– Lactic Acid Peel Series (40 / 50 / 60), then glycolic and TCA series

– Making my own CEF serums and stuff like that, since I roll in it in the morning like a chinchilla rolls in dust

– Possibly adding Dermarolling in the future

My Journey toward Fitness

I might not talk about my fitness journey that much on this blog, which is focused on skincare. But I can fit two of me into the dress I wore to prom over a decade ago. This was achieved by eating between 600 and 1000 calories a day for the past 3 years. After dieting and exercising all my life, I came to the realization that 1200 /1500 calorie diets were not restrictive enough for people of all heights and bodytypes – and that excessive exercise can be counterproductive – as I unfortunately learned when I used to do weight training. Very low calorie diets can be healthy and lead to long lives.

Throughout my life, I’ve always had a major problem with personal discipline – insofar as I have very little of it. It has been a long, difficult haul. Coping with body hair and acne was bad enough; my eyebrows used to grow knit together in the middle and fan out toward the ends. But hearing about weight loss stuff like your set point, fixed number of fat cells, and feeling socially pressured to eat much starchy food from my heritage, created a psychological barrier that was difficult to surmount. Therefore my weight loss journey has also included spurious diet pills and cleanses, many of which do work to jump start fat loss .

My goal is the “taut, teenage” type of body as exemplified by celebs like Taylor Swift, Natalie Portman or FKA Twigs, not a more “adult” body since I can’t carry the hourglass look off without a waist trainer. This is a personal choice that I am making. Not an unrealistic one borne of beauty standards or attracting men. Even if my bust and hips may not get so small, that’s the kind of leg, arm and waist size that I am going for. After reaching a healthy adjusted BMI level, I still feel that I have a bit of bodyfat to remove. It was difficult to cope with being built different at a young age since my parents were ectomorphs.

One thing that continues to bother me is the loose skin situation. As I did not lose weight in earnest until after age 25, I have a significant amount of loose skin. I have mitigated some of it by using tretinoin on the affected area, but it’s still not enough. But this is a long journey. Just like my fight against acne, keloids, and hyperpigmentation took about a year and went above and beyond the usual treatments like Clean and Clear, standard skin whitening products in Asian beauty, and mainstream drugstore products, to the steroids and high strength hydroquinones.

This is going to be difficult, but it’s going to be worth it. Join me on this path toward fitness. Perhaps I’ll be able to wear a bikini next year, even.

Negative Effects of Ill-Conceived Ingredient Bans

As a hydroquinone user, I was disheartened to learn that HQ is banned in some countries in the EU. Kojic acid is not appropriate for all skin types, particularly those who are already on a retinoid. Alpha-arbutin is very slow working and what worse way to discriminate someone than to steal their time away? This is extremely negative for people’s dermatological health, since triple combination (Kligman’s formula) is one of the best products for dealing with melasma and post-acne hyperpigmentation especially for people whose skin is olive or darker.

Therefore banning its use has a disproportionate impact on underrepresented minorities. Moreover, it is an anti-aging mainstay for all skintypes due to solar-related age spotting. Melasma and aging are real health problems, since skin is your largest organ. This negatively impacts women, who have more to lose from age discrimination.

Moreover, according to dermatologists, dyspigmentation is one of the primary signs of aging among POC and those with olive skin, even more so than wrinkling.

The anti-HQ push comes from the popularity of formulas that combine HQ with mercury and which do not carry a warning to not use for more than 8 weeks continuously. But many of these formulas became so popular because the law forces them to use ingredients that are unlisted – therefore not informing people of the risks. If there were no blanket ban on HQ, then companies can list their ingredients accurately and users can make informed decisions.