Kaylite / Skinlite and General Update

So far I’ve been using Kaylite (2% hydroquinone, 0.025 tretinoin, 0.01 mometasone furoate) for four days and my skin has never looked better. I’ve been using it on my face and neck after 0.05 tretinoin, my elbows and bikini area, which are trouble spots in terms of skin brightening. One of my friends was the same color as me, but after Kaylite, I noticed that he’s now darker than me. There’s really something to it and it really helps to get rid of trouble spots. I think the hydrocortisone also kills acne.

I’m going to use the small tube for a four-week period, which is about how long it’s going to last, and then just stick to my usual arbutin gel, basic tretinoin and azelaic acid in the morning. I found a supply of azelaic gel for $2 per tube online, but it’s in an online shop in Egypt and it doesn’t automatically calculate shipping. Indian azelaic acid is getting more expensive, it used to be more affordable. However this is one of the only products that has worked for me (RA at night and azelaic in the morning) to control my acne.

Also, I’ve been trying to lose some weight. Right now I’m down to a BMI around 18 but will try to get around 17 to be safe. Lol, my bathroom is like the United Nations of skin cream.

Kaylite (Kligman’s Formula)

Having been on a skin brightening kick for a while, I’ve been noticing improvement in the various marks on my skin. What was once many colors is now smoothing out into one color, thanks to retinoic acid, lactic acid lotions, basic arbutin / hydroquinone gels, and sunscreens with high UVA protection. Although I am not really lighter, I’ve noticed that my skin is now less oatmealy and more refreshed looking.

So I looked online and found some Kaylite for troubleshooting some recalcitrant dark spots. Kaylite, as well as other brands such as Skinlite, No Scars and Triluma, are brands of Kligman’s Formula, which is a combination of hydroquinone, tretinoin and a corticosteroid. It’s allegedly a strong formula that should be used temporarily, but is more effective than the usual hydroquinone and tretinoin combo.

I got the Kaylite on Ebay, $7 for 2 tubes totaling an ounce. I figured that it was the same price as other skin whitening brands I see in brick-and-mortar stores. However, Kaylite contains tretinoin, and I doubt that mainstream brands do. Most mainstream brands just have a steroid or hydroquinone listed on the label.

Kaylite, a brand from India, comes in a tiny plastic tube, and is a yellow cream that smells like roses. The tube is only half an ounce, which is probably all most people need for an 8-week round of treatment. I bought two just in case. I didn’t see any results yet, but should be seeing this soon If you have melasma, acne spots, or are seriously interested in skin lightening, you’re going to want to try this product.