Music review – Between The Buried And Me “Colors”

Normally I don’t review music on this site but I recently heard this great progressive metal album, and it’s affected me a great deal. Between my usual rotations of pop, hip hop and classic rock, I threw on this record that was recommended to me a couple of years ago – but I never really got to listen to it in depth. Now I have some strange tastes in music which is why I don’t write about it on this page.

(It’s awkward to describe. Like most of my friends, I enjoy regular top 40 music, but I also listen to some weird old rock. Yes, Lil Jon, Lil Wayne, Azealia Banks, Iggy Azalea etc are cheek by jowl with Journey, Iron Maiden, or whatever old white man music lolol lurks in my playlist. Just fyi, I am not a “rocker” who dresses like the thotties in 80s rock videos no offense.

I am a grown ass woman who listens to whatever even if my friends don’t care for it. Just like my reading rotation is rich in normal investing books, chick lit and hip hop romance novels, but I’ll slip in an Asimov or David Brin every so often just not too much so that my freak flag flies under the radar.)

Colors is a very mellow and diverse album that has rich textures that remind me of the first time I heard “Scenes from a Memory” by Dream Theater. That was a long ass time ago but SFAM was a dope album and off the chain, especially with Jordan Rudess in the mix. However, I don’t think “Colors” is a concept album at all, unless it’s about describing different colors.

It’s a mix of old school prog jams, like you’ll find in Spock’s Beard or whatever, interspersed with chunks of metal, like a more refined At the Gates, Kataklysm, that kind of stuff. Unlike the other ‘prog’ or ‘tech death’ like Meshuggah and Periphery, it flows and isn’t a dense slab of… well, metal. The music breathes. The lyrics are very stream of consciousness. The songs flow into one another.

It reminds me of a modern and more… colorful version of Fates Warning – A Pleasant Shade of Grey. Or Green Carnation – Light of Day, Day of Darkness. What was once shades of grey is now rich in color. Especially from the soundtrackiness and the jazziness that moves beyond the typical metal chords. The dark part is ‘darker’ because of the unclean vocals and the light parts are ‘lighter’.

Some prime cuts on this album are Ants of the Sky (red) and Prequel to the Sequel (aqua). I think they are representative and probably have the most ‘movement’ because they are in the middle of the album, I need to relisten, but from what I know, the album is probably an arch form like those other super long records.

Definitely worth checking out whether you listen to rock or not. There are some death metal vocals but once you get past those, you’re gold.