Bootleg version of the Obagi NuDerm system

All right, I’ve decided to bootleg the Obagi NuDerm system, which everyone online is talking about. I’m going to add a few ingredients to my regular routine to do this.

1. Cleanser – I use a regular gel cleanser with vitamins in it, or a salicylic acid one on days that I have zits
2. Toner – I use my CE Ferulic and V-line uplifting gel
3. Clear – I use the despised product I’ve yet to deplete – Carotis, and hatemix it with azelaic acid. This stuff will be gone soon and I will be using an oily skin friendly product. Sometimes I spot treat with benzoyl peroxide from the dollar store.
4. Exfoderm – well I exfoliated in the cleanser step, so I just moisturize
5. Moisturizer – well I moisturized already so I put on a silicon primer type thing
6. Sunscreen – I use one with a high PPD rating above 30

1. Cleanser
2. Toner – CE Ferulic doesn’t play well with RA so I use V-line uplifting gel, careprost and an eye cream in this step. Or I use a sheet mask first and then put those items on later.
3. Moisturize – Skip on sheet mask day
4. Clear – I mix some Precious Brightening Gel (acne friendly) with azelaic acid. It says it has arbutin. Arbutin is hopefully like hydroquinone. I can’t find a non greasy hydroquinone thing in stores. This ingredient fades acne scars
5. RA – Retin A, I just use it

You know, just because you’re a lower middle class woman, doesn’t mean you’re not going to age well. People say all kinds of shit like, oh you can only be a MILF or cougar if you’re from Beverly Hills or whatever, or if your husband is loaded. I don’t live in an affluent suburb but all these items that I listed above are available in the inner city and on Ebay. You don’t have to spend like the Real Housewives of Atlanta to try to look your best.

Retin-A is available on Ebay as Retinoic Acid, azelaic acid and careprost are there, and you can find fading gels¬†in Asian and African American focused beauty supply stores. You don’t have to be from those cultures to shop there. Once I put a blob of a Mitchell brands product on the counter overnight and it turned brown like it had hydroquinone, that’s how I know it works. Stuff like Fair and Lovely, would work too, they have the right ingredients.

If you want to get some high PPD level sunscreen like Bioderma and stuff like that, some Asian stores would have it, it’s a popular brand in Southeast Asia. But I’ve seen it at really expensive prices. Don’t pay more than $10 for a sunblock.¬†Otherwise make a trip, hit up the Target or Whole Foods and get an organicish zinc oxide sunblock in SPF 30. It’s going to be a bit pricey but you should use a sensitive skin one. All you need is a dab in the morning, it’ll last.

Sheet masks are available at Walmart, Target, if you don’t have Korean beauty stores in your area like Missha’s. If you can find Trader Joes they have a lot of skin creams that are really good. Also, don’t forget about ordering these things online. Retin A is good for a year past expiration. Whether it’s Ebay, All Day Chemist or a dollar store and semi-expired stuff depot, you can definitely get good stuff that works.

New skincare routine

CE and Ferulic serum from homestyle mixers – $8.99 for a bottle that lasts around 6 months, a little pricey
Sunscreen with zinc oxide ingredient, lotion
Generic caffeine eye cream roller
Generic debloating serum for chin area – look for ones by homestyle mixers

Azaderm azelaic acid 20%
Retinoic acid 0.05%
Lotion that you laced with RetiStar at 0.05%
Calendula acne lotion
FEG lash and brow serum
Occasional green tea scrub
Every other day: Nair for upper lip and chin
Use up old, comedogenic lotions and oils on your body so they don’t clog facial skin