Retin A aka Retinoic Acid

I found a trove of Retin A online, the concentrated vitamin A cream. Either you could get a 1 oz tube for $8 or you could get a bunch for $3 each, and pay $25 in shipping for the whole lot of them. They’ve also got a 20% peel made from it. While waiting for a group order on the big box to appear on web forums, I ordered a 3-pack of $8 tubes which were overpriced, the $8 includes shipping though. People buy economy sized boxes of RA at

RA should be $3, it’s just a vitamin. I could’ve gotten a lot of other stuff instead of buying overpriced RA, but I was hasty and impatient. It was able to eliminate a lot of my acne or at least make it flat instead of raised. This cream makes you shed, some guy on the bus moved away from me because it probably looked like herpes or something.

I use it, and then half an hour or 15 minutes later or before using it I would put on lotion, a generic V line lifting serum, eye cream, etc. If I am having a dark neck or forehead day I would mix it with a hydroquinone cream and apply to the affected area. It definitely works. But it turns my face red and I’m concerned that people think I’m drunk.