Haircolor Revelations

I went a bit out of my way because my hair was getting purple at the tips from overtoning, and some darker areas were getting brassy from undertoning. This is a bit of an issue. In contrast to the previous haircolor posts, I now have cap highlights with solid color in the back, instead of ombre. So I was able to find some Super Star 50 volume developer and was advised to use Kaleidocolors beige, as well as Wella T28 toner.

What I did was treat the back of my head with the 50 volume, with 30 at the scalp. I used a 10 volume with toner afterward, and it was able to get rid of the brassiness. The weird thing about brassy hair when you’re using high volume developers is that it turns dark hair almost a pale pink, or a light red with no yellow pigmentation at all. Afterward, it leaps from the pale pink directly to the desirable internal-banana-peel shade.

Papaya soap is also the truth. As an exfoliator, it was able to get rid of dark spots and dark elbow, underarm and other issues better than any other products. I had previously tried to remove dark elbow issues with Nadinola and other products but they did not work.