Truth and Myths about Cholesterol Conditioners

The first cholesterol conditioner I tried was Queen Helene and it sucked hardcore. This is because it was a Frankenstein’s monster of heavy conditioner mixed with shampoo (Sodium Lauryl Sulfate). I used it the first time I dyed my hair, because I wanted a large bottle of the after-color conditioner found in dye boxes, and it stripped the reddish dye out as well as made my thin, straightish hair flat on top. I got some Wella In-Depth, found in beauty supply stores, but stopped dyeing my hair after that. 

Today I had dry hair after touching up my highlights. So while lurking in Walgreens, I obtained a pint of Hollywood Beauty, Olive Oil Cholesterol conditioner. It cost $2.50, which is more than my usual conditioner that is 1.79 for 32 oz. I looked at the ingredients and there was no SLS. Moreover, it contained cetyl alcohol and other ingredients that are important for detangling.

This product is really good. I just mixed with with my be-purpled conditioner, and let it sit on my head before rinsing it out. I did not put it on my scalp. My hair does not feel heavy or greasy, and it doesn’t feel like it’s been dyed either. It completely removes tangles. If your hair is really thin, just use a tiny bit.