Update 7-27-2014

Silk’n Laser Hair Remover update. So far I’ve been using this thing for a month every week (not every 2 weeks like the packet says). I know I’m probably wasting it, but when my leg hair grows back, it grows back in patches and not all over. So far there’s been around a 50% reduction in hair that actually potentially grows everywhere – on my legs, armpit and arms. If I keep using it for another month the hair will probably disappear forever so I’m going to have to buy fewer razors in the dollar store.

This is a good thing. Hopefully, I’ll be able to resell it for over $100 since I kept the original packaging.

I found a foundation makeup online. It’s called Secret Key Telling U CC Cream. ($2.50 online on sale, $6.83 MSRP). It has ‘smart shade’ technology which enables it to adjust to a variety of shades, although as with many products many people are screwed over. I tried it on my guy friend whose skin tone is that of dark chocolate, and it adjusted to a milk chocolate shade. My skin tone is like medium beige so it adjusted to my shade.

This isn’t exactly racist but it’s because it’s from Korea and there’s more homogeneity than here. Like most immigrants there are from the Philippines, China and Europe as opposed to South Asia and Africa. But once this changes, then there’ll be more options.

This vegan, alcohol free foundation is filled with various ingredients such as Alpaflor Gigawhite, a spot remover, Arbutin, a skin tone evener, and anti-aging ingredients such as adenosine. Gigawhite will not bleach your skin, it gets rid of like spots you get from picking your zit, as well as uneven tanning. The main problem I had with this was that the adenosine made my facial hair grow in faster so I had to shave it and laser it frequently. There’s also purslane, lady’s mantle and other herbs inside. The main issue is that it smells like bathroom soap. Not nice bathroom soap that you find in the Ernst and Young building, but bathroom soap in schools and crappy office buildings.

Unlike other foundations I’ve tried, such as Wet and Wild, this has a sheer coverage but it still hides zits. A small amount also stretches to spread across your face so even though the bottle is tiny as hell, it’s not like you’re going to run out in a week. This is a foundation you do contouring with over rather than under.


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