Reviews 7/5/2014

Silk’n Flash and Go Permanent Hair Removal – $159-199 depending on purchase location 

This item is the most expensive thing I’m going to review, probably all year. I picked it up at a Bed Bath and Beyond. So far I went through one treatment and the cartridge still has juice on it. But when you look at the cost of getting it done at a place, this costs less. I was a bit fed up with the hair inhibitor lotion I had, since it worked minimally. Besides, I was looking for a permanent solution.

I’m going to say this. Laser hair removal systems are racist. They don’t generally work on people darker than Beyonce, or most blondes and redheads, and for anyone like my complexion which is kind of tan, you have to hold it under a bright light or else it won’t work. Now most people can get laser at a parlor, but they still have to optimize the home kit for darker skinned people.

So far I did it once and it seemed like nothing happened, but that’s normal. I’m going to do my whole body again in 2 weeks. If the cartridge runs out, a new one is 20 bucks. You have to do it for like 4 months before it starts becoming permanent. Hopefully that means less than 4 cartridges, and hopefully I’ll get a decent price when I sell it after all this is over.

Trader Joe’s Nourish Serum – $10 

So I was walking around in the city, having picked up a few packs of guitar strings that were on sale. And I’m hanging out with my friend Matt before D&D night, and we decide to look for free samples in Trader Joes. I went in and had some samples of veggie burgers that were surprisingly really good, and picked up some alleged Norwegian cheese ($2.50), facial lotion with SPF ($3.99) and this serum.

Now the main steps of your skincare routine are supposed to be cleansing, toning, serum and moisturizing. But instead, I was using Carotis and the occasional dollar store sheet mask as my serum. Carotis is good but it doesn’t have as many good ingredients as this one. So I grabbed this. When I put it on, it felt like it had filled in all the zit holes on my face. This is because it has silicone, a modern ingredient not otherwise found in skin care stuff I buy. Hopefully, the copper peptides, Vitamin C beads and other goodies help to benefit my skin over time.



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