Reviews 6/22/2014

Happy Litha, or summer solstice, the longest day of the year (which was yesterday).

Completely Bare Moisturizer and Hair Inhibitor $10.99 without discount, 1.99 with 

I found this product in a local Walgreen’s and decided it would be worth a shot, since I need force majeure level help in maintaining a naked mole rat state. It contains CapiSlow, a substance made of chaparral, which slows down the hair growth cycle. Unlike other lotions, this lotion is filled with shea butter, dimethicone, vitamins ACE, and allantoin instead of mineral oil, water, and various cheapass stearic acids and alcohols. I applied it to my arms, mustache area and legs, the arms and face over my Carotis, and it smelled a little chemically but was otherwise was pretty good. I will wait out the 28-day period and see if it actually works.

Wet and Wild Mega Length Mascara $1.99 (Waterproof) 

This mascara’s wand is miniscule and does not have bristles. Instead, it is completely made of plastic. The substance itself is average, but it is hard to build a large quantity onto your eyelashes with such a small brush. Also, the formula is very thin and watery and I feel they filled it with water to cut corners. It takes a bit of time, time that I don’t have. Next time I will seek out a mascara with a bristle-focused brush and a thicker formula, I may need to get a major brand like Revlon or Maybelline instead. This mascara is a good idea for people who have pale hair colors who need to darken their lashes but for people who already have dark hair, it is not really the best idea.



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