Product Reviews 6/15/14

I’ve been doing this thing when every time I want to buy some random food product and I have food on me already, I get some other product of equal value instead. This helps me to stay on my diet as well as try to improve my image or life at the same time. So throughout the past couple of months, I’ve amassed the following items:

Carotis Brightening Cream – Mitchell Brands, $2.50 – $3.49 depending on the store

This is a tiny (1.76 oz), pricey tube of carrot-laced moisturizer filled with anti-tanning ingredients such as arbutin and lactic acid, zinc oxide which is a sunscreen, and anti-aging ingredients such as vitamin A and allantoin. While it is not strong enough to be called a skin bleach, I’ve been using it for a month, and it’s helping to even me out and help my face and chest move toward the same color. I haven’t gotten dark in the sun, either. It’s for all ethnic groups.

If you’re looking for non-greasy skin lightener then Carotis is definitely for you. Although it has sunscreen make sure to use a sunscreen over it, or carry a parasol with UV protection. One thing I like to do is get the expensive dry-touch Walgreens sunscreens and dilute them in lotion. So if I buy an SPF 100 one, that’ll make 5 bottles of lotion. I think that this brand also has non-brightening options for those who do want to get tanned. You only use a tiny amount of the tube, so it lasts for quite some time.

Nicka K Vitamin E Lipstick in Conditioning Gloss – $.79 – $1 depending on the store

A lot of companies make these clear lip glosses / balms that are basically lipstick with no coloring. If you’re looking for a no-nonsense, unscented lip balm, check out these in the lipstick section of dollar stores and beauty supply stores.

Madina Soaps – $1 or $2 individually, depending on sales, $72 for 144 

My friends and I went to the Madina outlet when we were in the area near it in the city and scoped out the bargain bin. They’re really nice there, and they will give you a reusable bag and a catalog if you are new. I got a scrubbing bath mitt, a couple of black soaps, and an olive soap.

Now there were two kinds of black soap. Black soap is a really mild vegetable soap made of palm oil and wood ash. I just bandwagoned with this product since I did not believe it would have any effect. Because it degrades so fast I’m going to just liquify it next time and use it from a pump. I think it helped me with pimples but am not sure, I just know that the pimples are gone.

There was the organic kind, which is really mild and degrades super fast so I had to make it into a liquid soap, and there was a solid bar one that’s a generic for the brand, Dudu Osun. I didn’t know that the solid bar would also degrade fast, but I have to keep it out of the shower and let it dry between uses. The olive soap is just a regular soap that isn’t too harsh, it’s pretty good and will probably last quite some time. It’s regular soap enriched with some olive oil. It’s a bit expensive, I’m going to stick to Dalan Fruits which is my regular soap.

Madina sells a lot of clones of popular products. For example, Dudu Osun, Biore Facial Fit Expert, and Milk Protein whitening soap.

LMMS Music Editing Program

This is a freeware dupe for FL Studio, formerly known as Fruity Loops. I strongly recommend trying a demo of FL Studio first to familiarize yourself and then getting LMMS, because the learning curve for FL is much lower than this.



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