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As a fan of life improving technologies it has come to my attention that a lot of health and beauty for young women is marketed toward people who either 1. have superfluous cash, 2. seek to live or portray a leisure lifestyle or 3. identity politics (like the organic thing). As I thought, where is this extra cash coming from, it dawned on me that some women are married to men who make more than they do, and that a lot of this is a form of signalling a negative relationship – a relationship that kind of disconnects money from work. Where people spend money that they did not earn.

I do not buy things that are overly expensive. This is because I see the effort that I have put into my hours of work and seeking alpha (gains from investments). Also, I must prepare for the future because the future is always uncertain. My parents are in their 60s, going on 70s, I am the sole support, and like most people, my boyfriend makes equal to or less than I do. I think some people in modern society do not think about the future much, and in some respects, this is good. It’s good to be in the present, as many New Age writers like to say. But I’m the kind of person who worries way too much about the future and is involved in things like space advocacy and more.

I do not know if I would call myself a feminist in the modern sense, since some people I know associate feminism with stuff like a high divorce rate or an attitude that “men ain’t shit”.

Reviews 6/22/2014

Happy Litha, or summer solstice, the longest day of the year (which was yesterday).

Completely Bare Moisturizer and Hair Inhibitor $10.99 without discount, 1.99 with 

I found this product in a local Walgreen’s and decided it would be worth a shot, since I need force majeure level help in maintaining a naked mole rat state. It contains CapiSlow, a substance made of chaparral, which slows down the hair growth cycle. Unlike other lotions, this lotion is filled with shea butter, dimethicone, vitamins ACE, and allantoin instead of mineral oil, water, and various cheapass stearic acids and alcohols. I applied it to my arms, mustache area and legs, the arms and face over my Carotis, and it smelled a little chemically but was otherwise was pretty good. I will wait out the 28-day period and see if it actually works.

Wet and Wild Mega Length Mascara $1.99 (Waterproof) 

This mascara’s wand is miniscule and does not have bristles. Instead, it is completely made of plastic. The substance itself is average, but it is hard to build a large quantity onto your eyelashes with such a small brush. Also, the formula is very thin and watery and I feel they filled it with water to cut corners. It takes a bit of time, time that I don’t have. Next time I will seek out a mascara with a bristle-focused brush and a thicker formula, I may need to get a major brand like Revlon or Maybelline instead. This mascara is a good idea for people who have pale hair colors who need to darken their lashes but for people who already have dark hair, it is not really the best idea.


Reviews 6/19/2014

Clairol Soy4Plex Haircolor 

I used the shades 6AA and 8A to do a base and highlights and get a popular toffee hue similar to J. Lo or Beyonce. So first what I did was bleach the appropriate parts of my hair to a reddish shade, then put the dye over it. Then afterward, I washed my hair with some jerry-rigged shampoo I had laced with purple hair dye.

This hair dye outperformed ‘Hi-Color for Dark Hair’, which often creates a brassy shade. Note that I had to cut through prior dabbling in henna. I did not get a dry effect from this dye. I can say that after a month of washing, this haircolor has not reverted to a brassy or orangey shade, although it may be getting into a lighter ash.

As for the developer you are to use, it varies based on your heritage or hair type. As a general guideline,

– Use 40 for dark East or South Asian, Pacific Islander, and thicker Hispanic or Mediterranean hair types. This hair type could also work with 30 for bleach and 30 for dye, which is what I do.
– Use 30 for dark or red African or European hair types, thinner hairtypes mentioned above. This hair type could also work with 20 for bleach and 20 for dye.
– Use 20 for medium to light African or European hair types, permed hair, and dreads.
– Use 10 if you want to go darker only.

Product Reviews 6/15/14

I’ve been doing this thing when every time I want to buy some random food product and I have food on me already, I get some other product of equal value instead. This helps me to stay on my diet as well as try to improve my image or life at the same time. So throughout the past couple of months, I’ve amassed the following items:

Carotis Brightening Cream – Mitchell Brands, $2.50 – $3.49 depending on the store

This is a tiny (1.76 oz), pricey tube of carrot-laced moisturizer filled with anti-tanning ingredients such as arbutin and lactic acid, zinc oxide which is a sunscreen, and anti-aging ingredients such as vitamin A and allantoin. While it is not strong enough to be called a skin bleach, I’ve been using it for a month, and it’s helping to even me out and help my face and chest move toward the same color. I haven’t gotten dark in the sun, either. It’s for all ethnic groups.

If you’re looking for non-greasy skin lightener then Carotis is definitely for you. Although it has sunscreen make sure to use a sunscreen over it, or carry a parasol with UV protection. One thing I like to do is get the expensive dry-touch Walgreens sunscreens and dilute them in lotion. So if I buy an SPF 100 one, that’ll make 5 bottles of lotion. I think that this brand also has non-brightening options for those who do want to get tanned. You only use a tiny amount of the tube, so it lasts for quite some time.

Nicka K Vitamin E Lipstick in Conditioning Gloss – $.79 – $1 depending on the store

A lot of companies make these clear lip glosses / balms that are basically lipstick with no coloring. If you’re looking for a no-nonsense, unscented lip balm, check out these in the lipstick section of dollar stores and beauty supply stores.

Madina Soaps – $1 or $2 individually, depending on sales, $72 for 144 

My friends and I went to the Madina outlet when we were in the area near it in the city and scoped out the bargain bin. They’re really nice there, and they will give you a reusable bag and a catalog if you are new. I got a scrubbing bath mitt, a couple of black soaps, and an olive soap.

Now there were two kinds of black soap. Black soap is a really mild vegetable soap made of palm oil and wood ash. I just bandwagoned with this product since I did not believe it would have any effect. Because it degrades so fast I’m going to just liquify it next time and use it from a pump. I think it helped me with pimples but am not sure, I just know that the pimples are gone.

There was the organic kind, which is really mild and degrades super fast so I had to make it into a liquid soap, and there was a solid bar one that’s a generic for the brand, Dudu Osun. I didn’t know that the solid bar would also degrade fast, but I have to keep it out of the shower and let it dry between uses. The olive soap is just a regular soap that isn’t too harsh, it’s pretty good and will probably last quite some time. It’s regular soap enriched with some olive oil. It’s a bit expensive, I’m going to stick to Dalan Fruits which is my regular soap.

Madina sells a lot of clones of popular products. For example, Dudu Osun, Biore Facial Fit Expert, and Milk Protein whitening soap.

LMMS Music Editing Program

This is a freeware dupe for FL Studio, formerly known as Fruity Loops. I strongly recommend trying a demo of FL Studio first to familiarize yourself and then getting LMMS, because the learning curve for FL is much lower than this.


Want to avoid monopolies and oligopolies?

A lot of people are interested in avoiding big monopolies and oligopolies such as Proctor and Gamble. But your lotion’s P&G. So is your soap and laundry detergent. You think about what brands you could use that don’t have these, because you want to support small business and entrepreneurs.

I can think of plenty of independent brands with top-notch products. Nicka K makeup, Neeso jeans, Lucky and Dalan soaps, Madina and Mitchell beauty, Sun detergent, Satin and Avatar hair dye. Now, you may be familiar with these brands, or you may not. If you are familiar with these products, you may know them as brands available in dollar stores, discount stores, urban beauty supply stores, and multicultural supermarkets. You may attach a certain stigma to them, for example, Neeso apparel is mainly distributed through local chains that are viewed as low end, and Madina is distributed through street peddlers.

Now I’ve used Madina beauty products as well as their competitors, such as L’Oreal, and Madina actually performs better. But L’Oreal is sold at Walgreens, while Madina is relegated to dollar stores and peddlers. Why are independent brands generally found in inexpensive stores and stigmatized as cheap? This doesn’t just apply to makeup and jeans, but also to food products such as “low end” cheese brands I’ve found in dollar stores.

This is because people that own mid-sized chemical plants and clothing warehouses in suburbs have a tough time getting their product sold at national stores such as Walmart, Walgreen’s, Target – and Sephora, Nordstrom’s and Whole Foods. The key word isn’t low quality, but mid-sized. Walmart is going to want a delivery of 2 million units, for example, while independent stores – the majority of which are dollar stores – are going to be fine with a delivery of 2000 units. If your factory’s capacity is not very high, you’re going to sell your stuff at dollar stores and make money off of low margin and high sales. This is also because as an independent brand, you’re not as well established.

Some independent brands choose to stay in the mid-range category and market solely toward dollar and discount stores. Eventually, they might end up on the shelves at Walmart or Dollar General and gain a cheap, generic reputation in the public’s mind. One example of this is Arizona iced tea, which started as an independent company, but which quickly expanded to corner and grocery stores throughout America. Arizona is a delicious drink with top-notch ingredients, but it is seen as a preferred beverage for college students, instead of as an adult refreshment.

Why grey rabbit reviews

Greys is a stuffed rabbit in my house who can always smell a deal from a mile away.

I decided to keep this blog separate from my main one, Urban Sociology, which is more about sociology, economics, social justice, fighting the kyriarchy and stuff like that. Grey Rabbit is about improving your life and avoiding stuff like:

– Old age
– Disease
– Paying retail
– Bureaucracy
– Assholes
– Bad jobs
– Bigotry
– Police

And instead making the most out of your life.

Fun stuff:
– Frugal living and investing
– Freeganism
– Hobbies
– How to avoid crappy family members and move out when you’re a teen / young
– How to avoid government snooping on you
– Basically the post gutter punk lifestyle.